Beats by Dre

I really would like the beats studio 3’s but from the experience I’ve had with beats, I’m not buying from them again. Dr. Dre is a piece of cheap shit. He didn’t spend much on the construction of these headphones at all. If I’m in a position where I just have money to spare like these dumbass celebrities and youtubers and other famous people, I will get the studio 3’s. The sound and extras like fast charging are there, but the build quality is trash.

I literally had my headphones replaced five times within less than a year. The head guy talked to me and gave me a brand new pair AND a new warranty.

I’m glad Apple is making their own headphones. Apple does care about build quality.



This girl’s breath smells like satan’s asshole. She literally just had to have not tried to brush or anything at all. Every single time she opens her mouth, I smell ass. People like that are so fucking disrespectful to society.

One of my accommodations is I get priority seating. I picked a seat in the front towards the middle just like my accommodations say, and this bitch decides to sit right next to me.

Today was not a good day

It’s one of my worst nightmares come true. That little bitch who had her lesson before me with Miranda is a high school freshman and she’s playing in honor orchestra. Even worse, she’s my fucking stand partner. They seemed to have placed one with each of us. She literally annoyed the shit out of me every week.

She doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do. She doesn’t give me enough bow room. As the 2nd stand person, she’s supposed to turn the pages. She doesn’t. We are fucked.

God officially hates me and my entire existence. This proves it.

It’s just for today though. The concert is tonight and then it’s over.

There is a freaking possum in my yard.

Today God gave me a little bitch and a goddamn possum. I’m pretty sure I saw it one other night but I couldn’t tell what it was. What the hell did I do to deserve these two pests in my life??

From the moment I stepped outside I knew today was going to be a bad day.


I was literally depressed this morning, because I wanted to be healthy. Pizza Hut has a deal though, and I couldn’t resist. It’s just so delicious. It’s literally so good. Can’t post to Instagram though cause my friend will know. I’ll keep this to myself.

Thick thighs save lives

I love my girls big but honestly, this just looks disgusting. I used to have fantasies about dating girls up to 500 lbs when I was younger. I was smaller. Then I dated a girl that was over 500 lbs. The super, morbidly obese life/struggle is not cute. Me not being able to lose weight is not cute. Nothing about being unhealthy is attractive.